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Despair: Special Edition Mini-Figure (Neon Purple Colorway)

$20.00 / On Sale

The Story of Despair!

“Despair is a demon from the 10th Circle of Hell; the level where people who make bad cinematic adaptations of classic toy properties are flayed for eternity. Not your average demon, Despair suffers from severe anxiety disorder and crippling depression. Satan himself even banished Despair from Hell for being a major bummer... Cast out upon the earth in a fiery geyser of lava and tears, Despair landed in the parking lot of a comedy club that was hosting a weekly open mic night. Despair put his name on the sign-up sheet, got on stage, and told his story. Since then, he has been punishing himself, night after night, on comedy stages of varying quality throughout the Midwest. He dances and lashes himself for audiences with hopes of selling t-shirts and CDs to drunk people who will not wear or listen to them.”

Neon Purple Edition of 20

Designed by Terence Brown II
Sculpted by October Toys
Cast by Tru:Tek of the Disarticulators
Header Art Layout and Colors by Josh Trumbo with art by Terence Brown II

3" of UV Resistant Hand Cast Rubber (think Monster In My Pocket-Levels of squish)

Despair serves both as my first toy-release with Stand Up! Records and the special edition of my album, "Can We Afford This Much Despair" which hit #13 on the iTunes comedy charts. So you get a download code for the album inside the header.

If you live in Minneapolis, use coupon code "localdelivery" and I'll bring your Despair to your home or wherever you want me to drop it off with no shipping charge.

US Shipping is US First Class, International is International First Class. Items should ship out within 1 week of payment.

*This is a hand-cast art-toy. Some differences may be present in the figure you receive from the figure pictured. Each Despair is a unique snowflake, just like you aren't.